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James Sirius Potter

Child Wonder!

3 September

I'm James Sirius Potter and if you know ANYTHING about history then you know that's a big deal.
By the way, I'm Head Boy. That's right. Don't even think about breaking any school rules. Unless I'm invovled.
appleby arrows, bats, beaters, bludgers, brooms, flying, forbidden forest, grandmum's corned beef sandwiches, growing my fringe, gryffindor, hagrid, history of magic, hogwarts, holyhead harpies, invisibility cloak, james potter the first, kicking albus, letters, my dad, my mum, never combing my hair, percy pigs, pie, pride of portree, prongs, protecting lily from everything, pudding, quaffle, quidditch, seeking, snitch, teddy, the daily prophet, the digeridu, the kitchens, the marauders, the marauders map, the potter-weasleys